Reminders for Purchasers

Complete the loan application with your lender as soon as possible. Promptly provide your lender with any documents that have been requested.

Obtain a hazard/homeowner’s insurance policy showing the lender as the mortgagee on the policy. Arrange for the lender to receive the policy before the date of settlement.

Arrange for a termite inspection of the property if required under the terms of your contract or by the lender.

Coordinate with your agent to schedule the closing date and time. If you are not using an agent, contact your FireSide Settlement processor to schedule the closing.

Wire funds to us for the estimated closing costs and/or your down payment for the estimated amount due. Any difference may be paid by personal check; any excess will be refunded to you at the time of closing. We often do not receive the exact figures from lender until shortly before closing.

Contact the utility companies to transfer the accounts into the buyer’s name as of the date of closing. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of utility companies in the Northern Virginia area.

Arrange for a final walk-through inspection of the property prior to closing to make sure all appliances and major systems are in working order.

Bring photo identification such as a driver’s license, passport or military identification card to closing.

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